We are Wild Ceridwen: three women doing what we love and creating a livelihood for ourselves and for others while we do it.

Like the White Witch, Ceridwen, we transform into many animals as we chase after something inspirational for the world.

Sally & Cam

Cam Elizabeth

I am a digital storyteller and a gardener. These areas of work aren’t so different. Gardening and storytelling are creative methods and I like working alongside people as they show themselves in these ways. 

As a digital storyteller I have worked for several years with a filmmaker producing films and other digital content about community and nature and the ways that people come together to live more sustainably with their natural environments. I am interested in delving deeper into the history of our connection to land in Wales and England in order to generate more discussion about our role in nature: are we stewards, are we managers, or are we less in control than we think? 

As a gardener, I am delving into the minutiae of the relationships that individuals have with nature. 

I am also running a Community Growing Spaces project in Usk in Monmouthshire as part of the work of our local Transition group, Usk Together for the Climate.

Sally Hughes

As an educator and organiser of community events, I have spent many years creating space for people to come together, with the broad aim of growing community and shaping change. I use my creative skills, drawn from my background in the visual and performative arts, and permaculture, to design and curate contexts for people to explore how we could live well in our communities, find ways to lower our environmental impact and rekindle our dependencies on one another. 

I’m deeply passionate about our need to reconnect with the living world, in our pursuit of sustaining and regenerative cultures, where we live lightly, and feel like we belong, to ourselves, each other, and the land. I enjoy cooking and eating local organic food, gardening in my urban forager’s garden and tending our community wildlife gardens at The Kymin.

As well as being one of three Directors of Wild Ceridwen CIC, I am co-founder of a local community growing project, Penarth Growing Community, which began in January 2020, as a local response to climate change and biodiversity loss. I have also co-created a food buying group.

I am Trustee of Friends of the Kymin, and steward the common land with a group of committed local people. I maintain a personal creative practice, which includes drawing, writing and performance poetry. I have recently become involved in a collective, forming around holding and steering Paramaethu Cymru, the Permaculture Association in Wales.

Elen Robert

My work comes in many shapes and sizes. I have a passion for the living world and a drive to do the work that needs to be done in our turbulent times. These have led me to do much voluntary work, all of which has been focused around fostering community and inspiring awe towards, and defence of, the living world. This has included my involvement with the Grange Pavilion Project in Cardiff, that saw the redevelopment of a disused bowls pavilion and green into a vibrant and inclusive community space.

More recently, I am a Trustee of the Friends of the Kymin and volunteer with the Penarth Tree Forum. I have a particular interest in cultivating orchards and meadows and communities around them. Together with Sally and the Friends of the Kymin, I have been central in setting the vision for, and establishing, a thriving meadow and orchard in the Kymin park in Penarth. I hold an RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture. When I am not tending public green spaces, I can be found honing my skills on my allotment.

Wearing other hats, I earn a living as a freelance researcher, translator and language tutor. I am distiller of knowledge, mediator of meaning, and facilitator of learning. I have also been a mother these past twelve years. I am on a journey to seek convergence between my paid work and what drives me in other areas of my life.

My favourite word is glöyn byw , one of the many Welsh words for butterfly. It means living ember.