A conversation series and performance poem event as part of the ‘On Loss and Damage’ exhibition at The Turner House Gallery in Penarth, held in May and early June 2023.

Involve Earth: Poetry & Perspectives on Joy and Connection

Local community grower, artist and spoken word poet, Sally Hughes, invited local people to take part in a conversation circle and spoken word performance.

Over the course of the ‘On Loss and Damage’ exhibition, Sally opened up a series of spaces for people to come together to explore our relationships to ourselves, each other and the living world through a series of conversation circles. 

The conversations involved mapping our personal landscapes, seeking emotional and intuitive ways of knowing in response to our fragile condition of being human at this moment when we face the urgency of the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity. 

The series observed and documented the ways in which we experience joy and connection, created space for sharing our personal perspectives and viewed collaborative creation as a form of climate action.

The words we weaved together in conversation were documented, and through a creative exploratory process, formed into a spoken word poem. The series culminates in a performance of the poem that emerges from the collaborative process.