What We Offer

Education, Teaching and Learning – We develop and deliver learning programmes for a variety of contexts. We design and deliver trainings in:

  • Permaculture Design
  • Community Growing
  • Ecological Gardening
  • Creativity and Art-making
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social/Community/Climate Action Projects
  • Participatory Processes
  • Change-making

Facilitation – We create and hold effective and productive environments in which people thrive. We host training days, visioning activities or people development workshops.

Events Curation – We host events for communities, be that a seed swap, training day, community food festival or orchard care day. Our skilled facilitators bring people together to grow, learn and share.

Project Management – We define, develop and deliver projects from inception to implementation. Our services include planning, organising, promoting, delivering, and evaluating events and activities on any scale. 

Climate Conversations – We bring communities together to connect, explore and action the change they wish to see in the places they live.

Community Engagement – We use citizen assembly and participatory arts methods to bring people together to share their views. 

Past Work

Penarth Growing Community

Share Cardiff – Community Network and Events

Climate Conversations with GPG

Benthyg Cymru Facilitation and Benthyg Penarth Engagement

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A once a week nurturing house party that develops skills needed to garden in a way that appreciates permaculture principles, caring for people and planet. Supportive with a bit of accountability to think about how you are living. Encourages you to experiment and share.


Participant, Into the Mindful Garden

I have attended a number of workshops led by Sally, and have always gained a huge amount from the sessions. Sally is a wonderfully experienced facilitator, and that is always clear from her delivery style and her ability to include everyone in the group whilst ensuring that people are comfortable and relaxed. Sally is a real professional, she allows the group to develop very organically, and before you know it you feel very positively connected with other attendees. Her style is informal but productive, relaxed but energising. I can’t recommend her highly enough for really bringing the very best out of people and creating an atmosphere of learning, growing and connecting.


Participant, Active Citizens

I don’t have many people in my life who are interested in gardening or able to offer advice, so it’s really nice to come to a session that gives me the chance to talk to people who have a similar view to me and who I can learn from. I really like being able to take ideas from permaculture and apply them in my own space. 


Participant, Into the Mindful Garden

It is great to meet other people who are thinking about how to live our lives in a way that is more simple and has less negative impact on the world around us – both people, and nature. I’ve been challenged to think about making some lifestyle changes as well as some ways to garden differently.


Participant, Into the Mindful Garden

Learning about the permaculture principles is helping me branch out my gardening. I can see how it will help me be efficient and waste less time and energy in the garden and elsewhere. It also has been wonderful talking to others about their experiences and gardens. I feel we are all learning together and bringing things to the table.


Participant, Into the Mindful Garden