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Urban Permaculture


How does permaculture show up differently in an urban context? How might we use the processes, practices, tools and techniques of Permaculture Design to grow communities in the town, city or suburbs?

Two good questions that we will be exploring in the coming months as we develop our offer around urban permaculture. We have some ideas about where to start, and we hope you will get involved.

Our Intentions

  • Define a curriculum for ‘Permaculture for City Dwellers’, shaping an Intro and PDC offer, including accreditation from the Permaculture Association UK
  • Paramaethu Caerdydd/Permaculture Cardiff: Develop a structure for a local group and network in Cardiff and beyond, in collaboration with Poppy Nicol at Global Gardens
  • Begin a monthly online session, where folks who are interested in Urban Permaculture gather to explore and discuss a range of topics, a space for us to learn together
  • Design and deliver a range of events, trainings and experiences focussed on urban permaculture
  • Contribute to supporting the growth of Paramaethu Cymru, the Permaculture Association in Wales, through holding a role on the Steering Group
  • Share stories of inspiring projects through a range of channels

If you’d like to be involved and hear about our offerings as they arise, sign up!

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