Resources and links for the pathway to a more flourishing future, exploring alternatives: Books, Podcasts and YouTubers


The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook: Habits for Hope in a Changing World | Kirsten Bradley

Fertile Edges: Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope | Maddy Harland

Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability | David Holmgren

How to Read the Landscape | Patrick Whitefield

Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design | Stefan Geyer

Think like a tree: The natural principles guide to life | Sarah Spencer

Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation | Adam Brock

Cultural Emergence: A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves & the World | Looby Macnamara

Mothers as Natural Leaders | Looby Macnamara

How to Permaculture Your Life: Strategies, skills and techniques for the transition to a greener world | Ross Mars, Simone Willis

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture | Rosemary Morrow, Rob Allsop

Permaculture in a Nutshell | Patrick Whitefield

People & Permaculture: Caring & Designing for Ourselves, Each Other & The Planet | Looby Macnamara, Rebecca Storch

Permaculture Design: A Step by Step Guide | Aranya

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, 2nd Edition | Toby Hemenway

Regenerative Design

Designing Regenerative Cultures | Daniel Wahl

RSA Regenerative Futures

Food & Food Systems

A Small Farm Future: Making the Case for a Society Built Around Local Economies, Self-Provisioning, Agricultural Diversity and a Shared Earth | Chris Smaje

Who Really Feeds the World? | Vandana Shiva

Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet | George Monbiot

Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World | Carolyn Steel

Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City | Robert Biel

The Food Mood Connection | Uma Naidoo 

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Our Year of Seasonal Eating | Barbara Kingsolver

Local Food: How to Make it Happen in Your Community (The Local Series Book 1) | Tamzin Pinkerton, Rob Hopkins

Brain Changer: How diet can save your mental health | Felice Jacka

Growing & Gardening

The Regenerative Garden: 80 Practical Projects for Creating a Self-sustaining Garden Ecosystem | Stephanie Rose

We Are the ARK: Returning Our Gardens to Their True Nature Through Acts of Restorative Kindness | Mary Reynolds, Ruth Evans

How to Make and Use Compost: The Ultimate Guide | Nicky Scott

Permaculture in Pots: How to Grow Food in Small Urban Spaces | Juliet Kemp

The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook: Unearth Your Garden’s Full Potential | Huw Richards

Salad Leaves for All Seasons: Organic Growing from Pot to Plot | Charles Dowding

Grow Eco-gardening: Essential Know-how and Expert Advice for Gardening Success | Zia Allaway

The Urban Vegetable Patch: A Modern Guide to Growing Sustainably, Whatever Your Space | Grace Paul

The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming | Jean-Martin Fortier, Marie Bilodeau, Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Grounded: A Gardener’s Journey to Abundance and Self-Sufficiency | Liz Zorab

The Garden Awakening: Designs to nurture our land and ourselves | Mary Reynolds, Ruth Evans, Larry Korn

Why Women Grow | Alice Vincent

Edible Perennial Gardening: Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces | Anni Kelsey

Grow Food for Free: The easy, sustainable, zero-cost way to a plentiful harvest | Huw Richards

Forest Gardening & Food Forests

Creating a Forest Garden: Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops | Martin Crawford, Joanna Brown

The Plant Lover’s Backyard Forest Garden: Trees, Fruit and Veg in Small Spaces | Pippa Chapman

The Forager’s Garden: Grow an Edible Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard | Anna Locke

Food, everywhere | Your blog on PGC

Tonsmeir and Jacke

A Food Forest in your Garden: Plan it – Grow it – Cook it | Alan Carter


The Sensory Herbal Handbook: Connect with the Medicinal Power of Your Local Plants | The Seed Sistas, Bruce Parry

Flora Britannica | Richard Mabey

The Herb Almanac: A seasonal guide to medicinal plants | Chelsea Physic Garden

Sacred Plant Medicine: The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism | Stephen Harrod Buhner, Brooke Medicine Eagle

The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicine to Life on Earth | Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Hidden Life of Trees | Peter Wohlleben

The Forager’s Calendar: A Seasonal Guide to Nature’s Wild Harvests | John Wright

Food for Free | Richard Mabey

The Thrifty Forager: Living off your local landscape | Alys Fowler

This Book is a Plant: How to Grow, Learn and Radically Engage with the Natural World | Welcome Collection

Entangled Life | Merlin Sheldrake

Art & Creativity

Ecoart in Action: Activities, Case Studies, and Provocations for Classrooms and Communities | Amara Geffen, Ann Rosenthal, Chris Fremantle, Aviva Rahmani

Playing for Time: Making art as if the world mattered | Lucy Neal

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within | Natalie Goldberg

How to be an Explorer of the World | Smith, Keri

Raising Children

The Evolved Nest: Nature’s Way of Raising Children and Creating Connected Communities | Darcia Narvaez, G. A. Bradshaw, Gabor Maté

Hunt, Gather, Parent: What Ancient Cultures Can Teach Us about Raising Children | Michaeleen Doucleff

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being | Simone Davies, Hiyoko Imai

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did) | Philippa Perry

Breaking Spells

Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It For Good | Kimberly Ann Johnson

Hospicing Modernity: Facing Humanity’s Wrongs and the Implications for Social Activism | Vanessa Machado de Oliveira

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene (Experimental Futures) | Donna J. Haraway

Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons | Silvia Federici

At Work in the Ruins: Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics and All the Other Emergencies | Dougald Hine

The New Possible: Visions of Our World beyond Crisis | Philip Clayton, Kelli M. Archie, Jonah Sachs, Evan Steiner

A Wild Love for the World: Joanna Macy and the Work of Our Time: Joanna Macy, Stephanie Kaza

Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World | Jason Hickel

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds | adrienne maree brown

From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want | Rob Hopkins

Post Capitalist Philanthropy: Healing Wealth in a Time of Collapse | Alnoor Ladha, Lynn Murphy

These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home | Bayo Akomolafe

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible | Charles Eisenstein

A Language Older Than Words | Derrick Jensen

Sapiens | Yuval Noah Harari

Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges | C. Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge

Stories & Mythmaking

Hagitude: Reimagining the Second Half of Life | Sharon Blackie

If Women Rose Rooted: A Life-Changing Journey to Authenticity and Belonging | Sharon Blackie

The Ministry for the Future | Kim Stanley Robinson

Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler

Parable of the Talents | Octavia E. Butler

Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation | Samuel Alexander

Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman | Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern

The Red Tent | Anita Diamant

Becoming Indigenous

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World | Tyson Yunkaporta

Ani.Mystic: Encounters with a Living Cosmos | Gordon White

Social Forestry: Tending the Land as People of Place | Tomi Hazel Vaarde

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants | Robin Wall Kimmerer

Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home | Toko-pa Turner

Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature | Rachel Corby

The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday | Sharon Blackie

The Children’s Fire: Heart song of a people | Mac Macartney

The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature | Starhawk

Simple Living & Personal Degrowth

Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich | Duane Elgin

The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More | Raser-Rowland, Annie,, Grubb, Adam

Timeless Simplicity: Creating Living in a Consumer Society | John Lane

Living Systems & Complexity

Small Arcs of Larger Circles: Framing through other patterns | Nora Bateson

Indirect Work: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions and Humans | Carol Sanford, Ben Haggard, Ahmed Rahim, Pam Hinds

Christopher Alexander

The Regenerative Life: Transform any organization, our society, and your destiny | Carol Sanford

The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision | Fritjof Capra, Pier Luigi Luisi


Radical Wholeness: The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being | Philip Shepherd, Jeff Brown

The Wheel of the Year: Your Rejuvenating Guide to Connecting with Nature’s Seasons and Cycles | Rebecca Beattie

Glennie Kindred

The Wisdom of No Escape: How to love yourself and your world | Pema Chödrön

The Well Gardened Mind: Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World | Sue Stuart-Smith

Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives — How Your Friends’ Friends’ Friends Affect by Christakis, Nichol | Christakis, Nicholas A.

Doing Transition

The Power of Just Doing Stuff: How Local Action Can Change the World | Rob Hopkins

The Transition Companion: Making your community more resilient in uncertain times | Robert Hopkins

Urban Permaculture & Urbanism

The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience | Toby Hemenway

Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution | Janette Sadik-Khan, Seth Solomonow

Unlocking Sustainable Cities: A Manifesto for Real Change (Radical Geography) | Paul Chatterton

Making Massive Small Change: Building the Urban Society We Want: Ideas, Tools, Tactics | Kelvin Campbell

Sharing Cities: A Case for Truly Smart and Sustainable Cities | Duncan McLaren, Julian Agyeman

New Economy & Commoning

The Participation Revolution: How to ride the waves of change in a terrifyingly turbulent world | Neil Gibb

How to Thrive in the Next Economy: Designing Tomorrow’s World Today | John Thackara

Free, Fair, and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons | David Bollier, Silke Helfrich

Generation Share: The Change-Makers Building the Sharing Economy | Benita Matofska

Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work | Nick Srnicek, Alex Williams

Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist | Kate Raworth


Accidental Gods | Manda Scot

This Book on Fire

Vine Permaculture | Cormac Harkin

Upstream | Della Duncan

Sensemaking | Morag Gamble

Why Women Grow | Alice Vincent


Huw Richards

Charles Dowding

Liz Zhorab

Happen Films